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The West End and South of Tioga districts have long been an area of warehouses and other industrial businesses, with a few older houses mixed in. Many who drive past the gateways at Del Monte Boulevard and Tioga Avenue don’t know that the area is also home to many artist’s studios, interesting businesses, and new homes.

Work is now underway on a three-year effort to establish a Vibrancy Study for the City’s West End and South of Tioga districts. The goal is to implement the General Plan’s vision of a vibrant pedestrian-friendly area with housing, restaurants, and entertainment, in addition to the arts community and the many service businesses that already exist in the districts. The Vibrancy Study will include a vitalization strategy that presents approaches for promoting new business, achieving an active street life, enhancing the visual character of the area, and attracting residents and visitors to shopping and dining opportunities.

Visual changes may include new park and landscape areas, sidewalk improvements, building façade upgrades, public art, way-finding signage, and entrance monuments. The City will be exploring options for making the West End and South of Tioga districts more conducive to restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues, and facilitation of the West End Celebration and other events. The completed study will present a menu of ideas for funding improvements, prioritizing the location of improvements, and connecting the districts to adjacent areas.

The public is encouraged to participate in formation of the Vibrancy Study and the strategies to achieve the City’s vision. The City hosted a booth at the 2016 and 2017 West End Celebration to publicize the study and received dozens of suggestions that could help bring vitality to the area. A design workshop was held in the fall of 2017. Ideas can also be emailed to the City’s planning department — any ideas, large or small, are welcome. We look forward to everyone’s contributions.

Areas of the City included within the Vibrancy Study

General Plan Policies guiding the Vibrancy Study

Existing Improvements in Vibrancy Study Area

Conceptual Future Improvements

Vibrancy Study Summary

Sand City Vibrancy Outreach Summary



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