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Chief’s Message


On March 13 of this year, Sand City reserve police officer Dennis Alexander unintentionally discharged his City issued Glock pistol while teaching a law enforcement class at Seaside High School.  At the time of the incident, Mr. Alexander was instructing in his daily capacity as a high school teacher at the school in the City of Seaside.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured as a result of Mr. Alexander’s actions.  While investigating this incident, it has come to light that Mr. Alexander has brought his department issued weapon into the class on previous occasions and allowed students to handle the weapon as a teaching tool.  The Sand City Police Department does not condone these behaviors and maintains policies and procedures meant to prevent incidents such as these from occurring.  As of March 19th, Mr. Alexander has resigned his position as Reserve Police Officer with the Sand City Police Department.Chief 2f_sm

Incidents such as these can strain the relationship between law enforcement, the community, and other public organizations.  The Sand City Police Department will be examining and updating our policies and procedures as necessary to ensure ongoing professionalism and accountability to the community.  To this end, we will also be implementing a Body Worn Camera program within the next few months.  We will be evaluating our ongoing training programs to ensure they meet the needs of the organization and allow our officers to perform at the highest levels possible with the resources available.  Our goal is to provide exceptional police service with transparency in a professional, ethical, and compassionate manner.


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