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Police Corner


June 2017

The Sand City Police Department wishes you a safe and memorable Memorial Day. Many of us will take this time to visit with friends and family, barbecue, and enjoy the weather while we reflect and honor those who sacrificed all for our freedoms.  We offer a few tips to keep you safe and free from crime while you enjoy some of the amenities Sand City has to offer.  Shopping centers can be hectic and busy. Please use caution as you navigate through the parking lots to avoid children, pedestrians and other vehicles. Never leave valuables in the interior of your vehicle while you shop in the stores or visit the beaches.  Personal belongings should be locked in the trunk to avoid break-ins. Never leave your cell phone, tablets, or purses and wallets in plain view to tempt a burglar. And, when shopping, do not leave your personal belongings unattended in your cart. As you would in any public space, be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. When visiting the beaches be mindful that Mother Nature has tremendous power.  Waves can be unpredictable and the undertow can be hazardous, even in shallow water.  When near the water always watch for incoming waves, “Never turn your back on the Mother!”  Have a great day.


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