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November 2017

The Sand City Police Department hopes you are well and happy entering into this holiday season.  As we approach Thanksgiving we have time to reflect on areas in our lives for which we are thankful.  Local law enforcement has a history of supporting community causes that affect our quality of life, both personally and professionally.  October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Many agencies and officers wore pink in support of breast cancer research, awareness, and treatments.  The Sand City Police Department is continuing in this vein for November by participating in “No Shave November.”  For the entire month, participating officers will grow beards to bring awareness to cancer research and treatments.  They will also be wearing blue cancer awareness ribbons on their uniforms.  When you see our officers, hopefully it will encourage you to donate to the cause.  Many of us have been touched by cancer through our families, friends, or coworkers.  This is our way of contributing to finding the cure and making lives better.  We hope you have a healthy and happy holiday season.


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