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Sand City Vibrancy Outreach Summary

The City circulated a questionnaire during the West End Celebration on August 26th and 27th, and held a design open house on October 10th to solicit public input and design ideas for the West End/South of Tioga districts.
The following is a summary of inputs gathered from those outreach efforts.


48 questionnaires returned (most at West End Celebration)
40 said they are in Sand City often
8 live in Sand City; 9 work in Sand City, 30 shop in Sand City
18 were in their 20’s; 13 were in their 30’s

Design Open House

41 total participants signed in (there may have been more)
25 residents and 9 workers/business owners (34 individuals)
9 visitors to Sand City

Questionnaire respondents tended towards visitors at the West End Celebration, and the Design Open House participants tended towards being residents. We asked numerous questions aimed to get an understanding of what people like about Sand City, what else they’d like to see in Sand City, and to get ideas on design preferences. The most popular first-choice responses are reported here.

Things to do and Places to go

Two favorite places in Sand City

Rock Gym (34) Post no Bills (3).

What would draw you to Sand City?

Festivals (13), Brew Pubs (12), Farmers’ Market (11), Informal music event (10), Restaurants (8).
Note: Of the 27 “other” options, 18 votes were for a rock climbing gym

Which of the following new development is most important?

Restaurant/entertainment (18), Housing as part of commercial buildings (11).
Interestingly, no one chose retail store or office as the top choice.

Getting Around

How important is it to accommodate each of these on City streets?


Bike lanes (21), Landscaping (13), Standard car spaces (11).

Design Open House Station:

Landscaping (15), Bike lanes (14), Standard car parking spaces (8).

How important is each of these improvements to a pedestrian-friendly environment?

Lighting (23), Tress/Landscaping (22).
Note: The Design Open House Station for beautifying streets only received (6) votes for landscaping as an important way to beautify the City streets.

Please rank the importance of bike and pedestrian connections.


Beach via footbridge near City Hall (16), Rec Trail connection to Roberts Lake (10), Park Avenue to Tioga Avenue to Beach (8)

Design Open House Station:

Park Avenue to Tioga Avenue to Beach (11), Beach via footbridge near City Hall (6), Rec Trail connection to Roberts Lake (4)

Design a Street

This exercise allowed people to “construct” streets using strips of colored paper representing travel lanes (black), parking lanes (orange), bike lanes (yellow), sidewalks (blue), and landscaping (green)

Design a Street Sheets

Aesthetics and Design

Which of these visual improvements are most important?

Plant trees (24), Add art/color to existing buildings (15), Renovate existing buildings (10), Remove powerlines (10).

What is the best way to beautify City streets?

Landscaped seating area (7), Street Trees (7), Colored Crosswalks (7),
Removing overhead wires(6).

What is the best way to beautify buildings?

Murals (11), Trellis work (7), Replace roll up doors with glass (5).

Design a Welcome Sign

There were a number of creative designs submitted for an entry sign or archway. Scans of the ideas submitted are located here.

Entry Signs Contra Costa

Entry Signs Tioga

Contra Costa Street at railroad corridor crossing (current entry sign location):

  • “West End” arch over Contra Costa
  • Keep welcome sign where it currently is and add additional same sign on other side of Contra Costa
  • Public wants pedestrian access at this location (sidewalk), bike paths, and trees

Corner of Tioga Avenue and California Avenue:

  • On northeast and southeast corner have similar concrete design as current welcome sign on Contra Costa Street
  • Same as above bullet except the southeast corner concrete sign says “South of Tioga” and the northeast corner concrete sign says “North of Tioga”
  • On southwest corner, a concrete sign similar to current one on Contra Costa Street, along with a West End arrow sign, and a South of Tioga sign (all directing traffic to the south)
  • On southeast corner, a reclaimed wood sign hanging over Tioga Avenue but not a full arch across the road
  • Public wants trees at this location
Design a new Civic Center (City Hall, Park, etc.)
  • Two-story City Hall
  • Community Center across the street (Park Avenue) from City Hall
  • Police Station west of City Hall
  • Parking to the north and south of current City Hall (next to building)
  • Running Track on southwest corner of California Avenue and Park Avenue

Civic Center Sheets

Other Items

Which of the following technologies are most important?

Wi-Fi hot spots (19), Car charging stations (9)

What are your greatest concerns with vibrancy changes?

Displace residents/businesses (33), Higher rents (16), Traffic congestion (13), Lack of parking (11).
Note: traffic congestion/lack of parking and higher rents/displace residents and businesses are linked.

How can Sand City best promote its artists?

Affordable Housing (19), Display art for sale (15), Perform/Display space (14), Live-work (13), “Made in Sand City” retail (10).

The Takeaways

Participants felt that more lighting and more trees and landscaping are important to create a pedestrian-friendly environment. Planting trees was also cited as the best way to visually improve the City’s street; murals were voted as the best way to beautify existing buildings.

A walking connection to the beach was important, either with a footbridge over the freeway near City Hall, or a pathway connecting that area with the existing bridge at Tioga.

Bike lanes and landscaping were considered important as part of street designs, with parking coming in at third.

The greatest concern with vibrancy changes is the displacement of residents and businesses due to decreased affordability.

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